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Agenda of the conference

Please, acquaint yourself with the INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2013 conference agenda.

Day 1 — 29 May 2013


Participants check-in


Conference opening

Centre for Industrial Engineering, Russia


Opening address

Vologda Oblast Legislative Assembly, Russia

Nikolai A. Arkhipov, Chairman of the Ecology and Nature Management Committee, Honoured Ecologist of Russian Federation


Major directions in development of the scientific and methodical work in the field of air protection

Scientific Research Institute for Atmospheric Air Protection, Russia

Andrey Y. Nedre, Director General, Ph.D.


Up-to-date technical desicions for cleaning process gas and aspiration air

PO Ecotech, Russia

Vladimir N. Chumakov, Technical Director


Up-to-date Russian equipment for dedusting of industrial gases

Kondor-Eco – SF NIIOGAZ Holding Group, Russia

Lev V. Chekalov, Chief Executive, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation, Ph.D.


Up-to-date cleaning units for removal of dust and fluid components – European trends and maintenance experience


Alexey Y. Zakharov, Sales Director, Moscow Representative Office


Complex desicions for dedusting of industrial production. Manufacturing of bag filters of a new generation

Ecofiltr Trading House, Russia

Pavel P. Rozonov, Director General


Coffee break


50 years of SF NIIOGAZ – results and perspectives of scientific and technological development


Yury M. Morozov, Technical Director


Herding filters – 20 years of expansion

Herding Filtertechnik, Germany

Yury Banin, CIS Regional Manager, Ph.D.


Up-to-date technologies for removing dioxines from industrial and flue gases

All-Russian Research Thermal Engineering Institute, Russia

Igor N. Shmigol, Head of the Laboratory for Desulfurization, Honoured Ecologist of Russian Federation, Ph.D.


CTP TEAM technologies for gas-cleaning, SWAP system for bag filters


Olga Tyunkina, Project Manager

Antonio Zocche, Sales Director


Choosing a smoke exhauster for sustainable operation of gas-cleaning equipment

NEPT Scientific Production Association, Russia

Raisa V. Margolina, Head of the Industrial Ventilation Department, Ph.D.


Coffee break


Electrode systems used in electrostatic precipitators, comparison of their effectiveness, choice of the optimal inter-electrode interval

RVS Engineering Company, Russia

Alexey M. Pavlenko, Head of the Industrial Gas-Cleaning Department


Equipment for dry ash removal and dust conveying

Ardon, Russia

Dmitry V. Sorokotyagin, Director General


Determining process-dependent parameters for designing a fine zinc-bearing metallurgical works wastes recycling unit. Systems of collecting, transporting, unloading and recycling of collected materials

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Russia

Nikolai V. Panishev, Leading Specialist of the Advanced Development Department, Ph.D.


Using thermocatalytic units with a heat recuperation system for augmenting industrial enterprises ecological compatibility and power efficiency

EKAT, Russia

Alexandr A. Makarov, Director General, Ph.D.


Low-temperature plasma sets for removal of environmentally noxious fine-dispersed and gaseous pollutants and odors from ventilating emissions

SALUT Gas-Turbine Engineering Research and Production Center, GORIZONT Machine-Building Design Office, Russia

Alexandr Z. Ponizovsky, Head of Laboratory


Quantitative assessment of dioxines formation in different units of an integrated thermic waste neutralization set

Safe Technologies Industrial Group, Russia

Vladimir A. Bukov, Chief Engineer


Dust removal sets power efficient heating

Teploregion, Russia

Evgeny V. Narishkin, Project Manager


Questions and answers

Day 2 — 30 May 2013


Participants check-in


Efficient methods of surface cleanup from stuck and (or) adfreezed free-flowing material

Enerlink, Russia

Nikolai S. Tolmachiov, Automated Cleanup System Project Manager


Dust and chemical components measuring and control devices – certification, maintenance

Eco-Intech Research and Production Company, Russia

Igor S. Adaev, Chief Engineer


Service of industrial gas-cleaning units

PO Ecotech, Russia

Alexandr N. Pyatigorsky, Chief Engineer


Industrial gas-cleaning. Monitoring and automated management

Promeleсtroniсa, Russia

Aleksandr N. Pavlenko, Chief Engineer


Gas-cleaning sets inspection. Collecting source data, defining technical requirements for reconstruction of gas-cleaning sets. Preproject design

PO Ecotech, Russia

Vladimir N. Chumakov, Technical Director


Questions and answers


Coffee break


Round-table discussion, professional consultation


Visiting the WasteTech 2013 exhibition

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