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2013 conference summed up

The organizing committee of the INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT conference has summed up the INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2013 conference and encourages you to study its post-event press-release, photo review and other materials.

The INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2013 conference became one of the marquee events of the year 2013, which was declared the Year of Environmental Protection in Russia by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

More than 90 participants took part in the conference. Participants geography of the conference comprised different regions of Russia as well as foreign countries. More than 20 speakers of the conference were represented by specialists of Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of industrial gas-cleaning equipment, scientific and engineering companies.

For post-event press-release, photo review and other materials of the INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2013 conference, please, see Archive → INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2013 conference.