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Participation in INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2015, the 2nd International Practical Conference on Process Gas and Aspiration Air Treatment, held within the business programme of the WasteTech-2015 exhibition, the 9th International Exhibition for Waste Management, Recycling, Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies, opens up opportunities both for industrial enterprises and manufacturers of environmental equipment.

Conference invitation

The organizing committee of INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2015 conference invites the following categories of specialists to take part in the conference:

  • specialists of industrial enterprises:
    • technical director (CTO), chief engineer, heads and specialists of technical and production departments;
    • chief power engineer, specialists of power engineering department;
    • chief environmental officer, head and specialists of health, safety and environment department;
    • head and specialists of repair and maintenance department;
  • specialists of specialized engineering and research companies;
  • specialists of manufacturers and suppliers of gas-cleaning equipment:
    • dedusting equipment: electrostatic precipitators, bag filters and others;
    • electrical equipment of electrostatic precipitators, power units;
    • filtering materials;
    • draught equipment (smoke exhausters);
    • collected dust (material) conveying, shipping and recycling;
    • denitrification (DeNOx), desulphurization (DeSOx) systems;
    • automatic control systems equipment;
    • emissions monitoring equipment;
    • other types of primary and subsidiary gas-cleaning equipment.

Advantages of participation in the conference

Participation in the INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2015 conference lets:

  • specialists of industrial enterprises — buyers and users of environmental equipment:
    • get acquainted with the newest tendencies in the field of environmental engineering, get information on up-to-date technical decisions;
    • establish connections with new manufacturers and suppliers of gas-cleaning equipment, strengthen relations with existing partners;
    • discuss technical issues with specialists of manufacturers and suppliers of gas-cleaning equipment, during the plenary meeting as well as personally;
    • share an opinion on the most pressing problems of industrial enterprises regarding air protection;
  • manufacturers and suppliers of gas-cleaning equipment, engineering and research companies involved in design of gas-cleaning equipment:
    • present the company, the scope of equipment and services it offers;
    • introduce the quality, reliability and technical characteristics of the equipment;
    • demonstrate the engineering and research potential of the company;
    • get instant feedback from potential customers;
    • enlarge client base.

Forms of participation

The organizing committee of INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2015 offers different forms of participation in the conference. For further information on forms of participation, please, see Terms of participation.

Efficiently presenting equipment and services

Giving a speech at the INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2015 conference is a good opportunity to present equipment and services to the target audience from Russia and countries of CIS. To maximize the marketing effect of participating in the conference, the organizing committee of INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2015 offers to use advertising and sponsorship opportunities of the conference.