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Materials requirements

Please, acquaint yourself with the requirements to the INDUSTRIAL GAS TREATMENT 2015 conference materials.

Papers, screen presentations and other materials containing text must be submitted in Russian only.

Papers requirements

Papers are placed in the printed proceedings of the conference as well as on the disk of the conference. A paper must contain:

  • paper title;
  • paper abstract (short description of the paper content);
  • full name of the company being represented by the paper author (speaker);
  • full name and titles of the author (speaker);
  • paper text (paper content).

The following formats of paper files are accepted: .rtf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pages. Paper files in the .pdf format are not accepted! Paper file size shouldn't exceed 30 MB.

In case the paper has embedded objects (photographs, diagrams, etc), it is necessary to submit source files of those embedded objects with a good resolution (300 dpi or higher) in addition to the paper itself.

Screen presentation requirements

Screen presentations are intended for demonstration during the plenary meeting of the conference. They are also placed on the disk of the conference. The following formats of screen presentation files are accepted: .ppt, .pptx, .pdf. The screen presentation file size shouldn't exceed 100 MB.

Company logo requirements

A company logo along with company brief information is placed in the printed catalogue of the conference, on the disk of the conference, and on the web-site of the conference. The following formats of logo files are accepted: .cdr, .psd, .png, .jpg. The width and height of the logo image shouldn't be smaller than 500 pixels, its resolution should be 300 dpi or higher.